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    Shimu Group is committed to ensure that all manufactured products meet the pre-set standards of quality, efficacy  and safety. We believes that this can be only guaranteed through holding a highly efficient quality management system based on current GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE and International Quality Assurance Standards.

    The Quality Assurance has a great role in the development and maintenance of the company's quality system. This is achieved by a combination of systematic sampling, testing, validating, monitoring and auditing of materials, facilities, systems and procedures which can influence the quality of our products.


    Each product is subjected to appropriate types of testing and control according to the specifications approved by the registration authorities and the redefined quality parameters. Records generated from the whole processes concerned with the production of the product are well revised and checked before the release of the product. Stability evaluation according to pre-defined protocol to meet Veterinary GMP  guidelines and market needs is an essential requirement for our products.

    To follow strict quality management system, in recent 3 years, our products quality is stable, and in 18 times spot checking by Chinese Authority, no deficiency was found.